Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Garden

I went out to check on my garden today, and was amazed at everything that had popped up, just in past few days. I am so happy that it has started producing in the past week (this is my first garden), and I am going to have fresh produce up to my ears all summer. I took a few photos today, because everything looked so beautiful. I can't wait to try loads of new recipes with all of these wonderful veggies.

This is what I picked today, a ton of zucchini (more than that, but I gave some away already to some relatives and neighbors), a few jalapenos, and one tiny cherry tomato.

Here a few other things that I will soon be putting to good use:


Jalapeno and cayenne peppers

Mutiple varieties of tomatoes (roma, cherry, yellow, beefsteak)


and zucchini


Anonymous said...

What a great garden you have! I can't wait to see what you prepare with all of those veggies!

Prudy said...

What gorgeous produce. Be proud when you eat it!