Thursday, December 9, 2010

CEiMB: Beef Stroganoff with Green Beans and Grainy Mustard

This week's Craving Ellie in My Belly is from Liz of The Not So Skinny Kitchen.  She chose for us to make the Beef Stroganoff recipe from from So Easy: Luscious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Week by Ellie Krieger.  It's a pretty straightforward beef stroganoff recipe in which beef is simmered in red wine and beef broth with mushrooms and onions.  At the last minute, I added some light sour cream to the gravy.  The original recipe called for some nonfat Greek yogurt, but I like the flavor and tang that the sour cream adds to the dish. The beef stroganoff is served over some egg noodles with a side of steamed green beans that have been tossed in some grainy mustard and seasoned with salt and pepper.  

I liked this dish, it was a nice hearty, weeknight dinner.  Perfect for this time of year when the low tonight is supposed to be in the single digits. I did think that it was a bit underseasoned the way that recipe called for, but with a bit extra salt and pepper, it perked right up.   The green beans were a simple easy side that packed a lot of flavor, and it was a good accompaniment to the beef, so thanks Liz for a good pick, and be sure to check out the blogroll to see what everyone else did with their dishes!


Joanne said...

I like the sour cream substitute. Looks delish!

Kayte said...

Looks was a huge hit here with my guys and one that I will be making again for sure. I subbed the Greek yogurt for the sour cream, being a little skeptical, but you know what: it works! Seriously great sub in there. Your plate of food looks delicious.

Liz said...

Thanks so much for cooking with me this week! Beautiful picture :) I'm glad you liked it, and I agree it was great for a cold night.